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Lee Ji Hoon

실험체 1-A _ 불완전한 조각.jpg

이지훈은 기계장치나 디지털 매체를 활용한 다감각적 작품이 주요 형식적 특징이며, 다양한 감각의 경험을 요하는 확장된 조각 작품에 대해 연구한다. 조각과 공간의 관계를 통해 위압, 압도, 불편, 낯섦, 차가움, 경외감 등과 같은 감정의 동요를 감상자에게 전달하고, 작품을 통해 시각 인지장애 현상을 경험하게 하므로 감각의 불완전함에 대한 재인식과 기술이 제시하는 새로운 환경에 대해 경각심을 전달한다.

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The main formal characteristic of Lee Ji-hoon's work is multisensory works using mechanical devices or digital media, and he studies extended sculptures that require various sensory experiences. Through the relationship between sculpture and space, emotional fluctuations such as coercion, overwhelm, discomfort, unfamiliarity, coldness, and awe are conveyed to the viewer, and visual cognitive impairment is experienced through the work, so the re-awareness and technique of sensory imperfections are presented. convey awareness of the new environment.



Deformed Perception New Form. 1, 160 × 160 × 160cm, Aluminum Frame, Led light, Screw, Pvc, Mixed media, 가변설치, 2021

Ventilcade II, 40 × 40 × 85(H)cm, Rubber cone, Fan, Mixed media, 2022

Form. 2, 97 × 13 × 3cm, Wood, Led fan, Polyethylene mesh, Mixed media, 2022

OO의 소멸시효, 100 × 20 × 20cm, Acrylic box, Wood, Led fan, Mixed media, 2022

Flat sculpture. 1, 100 × 154 × 10cm, Wood, Fan, Acrylic color, Mixed media, 2022

불완전한 조각, 80 × 80 × 80cm, Modeling clay, Fan, Acrylic sphere, Plastic stick, Screw, Mixed media, 2022

Flat sculpture. 2, 91 × 91 × 10cm, Wood, Fan, Acrylic color, Mixed media, 2022

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